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PenSoft Announces Remote Payroll Information System

Newport News, Virginia – March 15, 2007 - PenSoft, a prominent developer of payroll software, launched a web-based downloadable application to remotely submit payroll information to payroll processors.

PenSoft Remote Client is a downloadable application to remotely submit payroll information to a payroll processor, multi-location facility, or mobile business.  Reports can also be returned to clients via a secure page on the PenSoft website. 

PenSoft Remote Client process is simple and offers many benefits to payroll processors.  Clients download and install the application to gain access to the secure site.  They can then modify employee lists, enter time, and enter leave information. 

The payroll processor still has full control of the payroll, but no longer has to collect data from clients via fax, e-mail, etc.  Processors are able to save time by eliminating duplicate data entry, save money by electronically sending reports to clients, and can access the data when convenient online. 

For more information about PenSoft Remote Client, call 888-PENSOFT (888-736-7638) or e-mail

About PenSoft

PenSoft is the developer of PenSoft Payroll Plus, payroll software designed for small and mid-sized U.S. businesses with 1 to 2000 employees per company.  PenSoft, a software developer since 1983, began its online presence in 1995.  Corporate headquarters are located in Newport News, Virginia.  For additional information, visit PenSoft on the web at