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Payroll Training Seminar - Overview

Our Day 1 Payroll Training Seminar and optional Day 2 Workshops will demonstrate the flexibility of PenSoft.

The comprehensive sessions will lead you through the setup and processing to the reconciling and reporting features. The training approach will relate to real-life payroll situations experienced by most companies. PenSoft utilizes a proven outline designed to cover all topics in a systematic and easy to understand manner.

Concise workbook documentation and optional hands-on workshops will help to accelerate the learning process and provide a valuable reference guide for other employees within your company. The workshops allow participants to apply the information from the training session quickly and effectively to their company's payroll requirements.

Please Note: lunch is provided by PenSoft.

Day 1 Payroll Training Seminar

Each additional person from the same company attending the same session. $269

Topics Presented

Install PenSoft on a single workstation or a network.

Set up company, federal & state taxes, payroll groups, etc.

Set up employees' incomes, specialized tax configurations, taxes, tax status, and deductions.

Pay frequencies, bonuses, commissions, other out-of-cycle payments, and clone & batch processing options.

Set up and use paydate reports, tax reports, summary reports, management reports, and other specialized custom reports.

Set check printing options, handle multiple checking accounts, signature files, MICR check printing, and process direct deposit.

Process tax deposit payments and print tax deposit checks.

Interface payroll data with other software packages.

Safeguard payroll data with other software packages.

Bring your questions. This session will be interactive.

Day 2 Optional Workshops

Each additional person from the same company attending the same session. $169

Please select one of the two workshops below. Day 2 optional sessions are scheduled on the Tuesday following Day 1 training.

Hands On Workshops - Prerequisite: Day 1 Training
Our intensive workshop has been structured to give hands-on training to new and experienced users alike. This workshop is designed so you can get answers directly related to your company's payroll and learn the techniques applying to your particular organization using a case study workbook.

Advanced Session - Prerequisite: Day 1 Training
Here we will delve deeply into the more advanced features of PenSoft, like processing departments, job costing, direct deposit, certified payroll, magnetic media, and Form 1099. Come prepared to ask questions...this session will be responsive to your individual requirements. This morning session is in seminar format and the afternoon session will be a computer interactive format.