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PenSoft Announces New State Forms Released in 2008

Newport News, Virginia –July 11, 2008

PenSoft, a prominent developer of payroll software, is excited to announce it has released a number of new forms for state processing.

PenSoft Payroll generates and fills in the form, completes the information on existing blank or pre-addressed forms and creates the magnetic media file for the: Arkansas DWS-ARK-209B, Employer’s Quarterly Contribution and Wage Report and DWS-ARK-209C, Continuation Sheet for Form 209B; Oregon Form 132, Unemployment Insurance Employee Detail, OQ Oregon Quarterly Tax Report, and Schedule B, State Withholding Tax; Rhode Island TX-17 Quarterly Tax and Wage Report; Vermont C-101, Employer’s Quarterly Wage & Contribution Report and C-147, Employer’s Quarterly Wage Report; West Virginia WVUC-A-154 Contribution Report, WVUC-A-154-A Wage Report, and WVUC-A-154-B, Continuation Sheet.

PenSoft Payroll generates and fills in the form and creates the magnetic media file for the: Idaho TAX020, Employer Quarterly Unemployment Insurance Tax Report and TAX026, Employer’s Quarterly Report of Wages,; Mississippi UI-2, Employers Quarterly Contribution Report and UI-3, Employers’ Quarterly Wage Report; Montana UI-5, Montana Employer’s Unemployment Insurance (UI) Quarterly Wage Report and UI-5 A, Montana Employer’s Unemployment Insurance Employee Wage Listing.

PenSoft Payroll generates and fills in the form for the: Maryland MW508, Annual Employer Withholding Reconciliation Return.

PenSoft Payroll completes the information on existing blank form or preaddressed forms and creates the magnetic media file for the: Hawaii UC-B6, Quarterly Wage , Contribution and Employment and Training Assessment Report, and UC-B6A, Employer’s Quarterly Report of Wages; South Dakota UID-21, Employer’s Contribution, Investment Fee, and Wage Report

PenSoft adds state reporting forms to PenSoft Payroll on a continuous basis throughout the year at no additional cost for current customers.

About PenSoft

Founded in 1983, Peninsula Software of Virginia, PenSoft, develops PenSoft Payroll; payroll software designed for small to mid-sized U.S. businesses with 1 to 2,000 employees per company. With many payroll experts and Certified Payroll Professionals (CPP) on staff, PenSoft monitors state and federal tax laws for changes to ensure PenSoft Payroll is always current and up-to-date, and is backed up by unsurpassed program support for users and an online Knowledge Database. Corporate headquarters are located in Newport News, Virginia. For additional information, visit PenSoft on the web at