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Features Advanced Elite
Maximum number of supported W-2s and 1099s per company 1-250 Unlimited
Comprehensive Reports, Automatic Tax Computations, Prints on Federal Forms, Prints on State Forms, Computes Multiple Incomes, Records & Applies Deductions, Handles Fringe Benefits, Prints Laser Checks, Prints on Preprinted W-2s, Quarterly Updates, Free & Unlimited Program Support, Imports Employee Information, Imports Timecard Information, Exports Payroll Data, Prints Report Stack, Generates Direct Deposit File, Generates & Completes W-2s, Electronic W-2s, Departmental Payroll, Timesheet Payroll, Job Costing
Prints MICR Checks, Form 1099 MISC/DIV/INT/R, Electronic 1099s, Logon/User Permissions, Multiple Shift Differentials, Certified Payroll, Consolidated Reporting, Archived Company List, Company Labels, Common Global Settings, Invoicing
Based on your input, PenSoft Hosted Solution will be priced from per month: $70.00 $120.00