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Payroll Direct Deposit

Our online service, designed for small to medium sized businesses and payroll processors, makes direct deposit payroll easy & affordable. PenSoft has partnered to offer secure, convenient, and reliable direct deposit payroll software. It's secure, confidential, reliable, and convenient. Direct deposit services can offer flexibility and freedom; regardless of whether you process payroll for your company or multiple companies.

Direct Deposit Services are an Advantage to Your Company

Increased Productivity: No employee trips to the bank during a workday to cash or deposit paychecks.

Safety & Dependability: With direct deposit services you are ensured payroll delivery. And, there are no lost checks to reissue.

Big Savings: NACHA research shows that businesses can save more than $1.25 on each paycheck with direct deposit payroll software.

Advantages to Your Employees

Guaranteed Pay: Your employees know their pay is available on payday, even during vacation, illness, business trips, or anytime!

Security: There are no checks to be lost or stolen.

Savings: Direct deposit payroll often reduces bank service charges.

Convenience: Direct deposit payroll services reduce the time spent driving to bank, standing in bank lines, etc.

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