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94x E-Filing Service

PenSoft E-Filing Services works in conjunction with the Internal Revenue Service's (IRS) Modernized e-File (MeF) System and offers an easy to use and secure system for businesses and payroll service providers to satisfy their electronic tax filing needs.

Filing of Forms 94x is a web service application for PenSoft Payroll customers to electronically file IRS Forms 941, 940, and 944 from within PenSoft Payroll - over the Internet and via PenSoft - increasing efficiency and eliminating the need to file paper forms. Once enrolled with the IRS and PenSoft, companies (or payroll processors with multiple clients) can electronically transmit IRS Forms 941, 940, and 944 to PenSoft who will collect and transmit these forms electronically to the IRS.

PenSoft will normally transmit 94x forms to the IRS each business day, all forms received prior to 3:00 pm Eastern Time. E-filed 94x forms received after this time will normally be transmitted the following business day. To ensure timely receipt by the IRS customers must transmit the forms to PenSoft a minimum of two business days prior to the due date of the specific forms. PenSoft cannot be held liable for late filing of any form when this requirement is not met.

Download contract. (Adobe Reader required)

To Participate in Electronic Tax Filing

Download the electronic tax filing contract below.

  • Fax the completed contract to 757-873-1733
  • Payroll Processors: Register with the IRS as a Reporting Agent (RA); receive RA EFIN and PIN from the IRS.
  • Have Internet access (on the payroll computer) for submitting the employment tax returns.
Download contract. (Adobe Reader required)


PenSoft will debit customers (registered users of PenSoft Payroll software) quarterly per Form 94x (941, 940, 944) PenSoft transmits for the customer to the IRS.