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Payroll Processing Software & the Remote Data System

PenSoft Remote Client payroll software is a downloadable application to remotely submit payroll information to a payroll processor, multi-location facility, or mobile business and to return reports to clients via a secure page on the PenSoft website.

How It Works

A remote payroll processor enrolls & registers remote clients online.

The payroll processor's clients download and install the Remote Client software application to gain access to PenSoft's secure site. Using the PenSoft Remote Client application, clients can add new employees, enter time, and enter leave information. The client then submits the information to the payroll processor.

The payroll processor retrieves and processes the data when convenient and posts his client's reports online.

Clients can retrieve reports at their convenience once the processor has posted them.


  • Remote client replaces outdated & error prone methods of collecting payroll data.
  • Saves time by eliminating duplicate data entry.
  • Saves money by streamlining the sending of reports to clients.
  • Access data when it's convenient for either party.

Fees & Contract

Monthly fees are automatically debited for a month with any activity. Fees are $0.10 per payroll record (individual employee payroll record) processed with a minimum monthly fee of $10 for payroll records and all other service activity per Remote Client. Fees are automatically paid via EFT from the payroll processor's bank account.

Download contract. (Adobe Reader required)

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