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Payroll Services has never been this simple.

Enhance not only your payroll processing productivity, but also increase employee job satisfaction, reduce payroll costs, and increase revenues with PenSoft's electronic payroll services.

94x E-Filing Services

PenSoft E-Filing Services will work in conjunction with the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) Electronic Filing System and offers an easy to use and secure system for businesses and payroll accounting service providers to satisfy their filing needs.

Direct Deposit

No more printing checks. No more MICR cartridges. No more check stock. Use direct deposit payroll software and SAVE!

Employee Self Service

Post pay stubs, W-2s, and 1099 payments to a secure site with PenSoft's electronic payroll system. Employees can access their online statements 24/7 with Doculivery.

Payroll Cards

Efficient for employers and convenient for employees, payroll cards are a useful electronic payroll service. Payroll cards are reloadable and give immediate access to earnings everywhere Visa is accepted. Each payday, new funds are loaded onto the card.

Remote Client

Submit payroll information to a payroll processor, multi-location facility, or mobile business and return reports to clients via a secure page on the PenSoft Payroll Solutions website by using our Remote Client Payroll Software.

Workers Compensation

Integration for the InsureLinx file transfer is built into PenSoft payroll processing software to provide seamless and secure file transfers. Use InsureLinx as a pay-as-you-go solution; premiums are calculated on real-time factors and actual payroll data with.