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The Benefits of PenSoft Payroll

Here's Why PenSoft is YOUR Business Payroll Software Solution


PenSoft has developed a reputation from professionals in government and private industry as being the leader in payroll software solutions. Major corporations have come to us to help them with their payroll software solutions to products they are developing. The federal government is using payroll software by PenSoft to test their electronic reporting software. Numerous counties, cities, and banks are using our products to pay their employees. All this and more make PenSoft a major player in the payroll software industry.


The top payroll software solution for any small- to mid-sized business with UNLIMITED FREE program support, all in a single affordable package.


Internal tax tables are maintained and updated throughout the year to ensure accurate payroll processing with our remote client payroll software.


Automates payroll processing for ANY business. Software program defaults information to minimize user input requirements.


Can complete most payrolls in as little as 15 minutes, significantly reducing processing time and costs. Ensures compliance with all local, state, federal, and territorial tax and wage requirements, avoiding costly penalties and corrections.

Ease of use

QuickStart feature and Windows menus make our business payroll software quick and easy to set up, use and understand. PenSoft Payroll imports timeclock and HR software data to eliminate keying this information and offers exports to a variety of popular accounting and human resources packages.


PenSoft Payroll software accommodates any combination of incomes, deductions, taxes, benefits, and vacation, as well as hundreds of reports, including many user defined reports. Our business payroll software solution also accommodates multiple companies, each with unique setup information.