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Massachusetts Tax, Forms & Payroll Information by Pensoft®

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Address (Income Tax)
Massachusette Department of Revenue
P.O. Box 7015
Boston, MA 02204

Forms (Combination)
Title (Revision) - [PenSoft Product and version]Notes
Employment and Wage Detail Worksheet - [Payroll v3.09.4.01]
  • Pensoft provides a worksheet

Forms (New Hire)
Title (Revision) - [PenSoft Product and version]Notes
Form NHR New Hire and Independent Contractor Reporting Form (Rev 03/07)
  • PenSoft generates this form
  • PenSoft prints on this form

Links (Income Tax)
Department of Revenue

Links (UI)
Labor and Workforce Development

MagMedia (ICESA)
Title [PenSoft Product & version]Emp. Threshold
Employment and Wage Detail Electronic File - [Payroll v3.09.4.01]0

MagMedia (State Specific)
Title [PenSoft Product & version]Emp. Threshold
New Hire electronic reporting - [Employee Tracker™ v2.09.0.20]0
W-2 Magnetic Media - [Payroll v3.05.0301]50

Rates (Rate)
Title [PenSoft Product & version]Amount
Workforce Training Fund (2017) - [Payroll v4.17.0.00].056

Rates (Wagebase)
Title [PenSoft Product & version]Amount
Medical Assist Contribution (2018) - [Payroll v4.18.0.00]$15,000.00
Medical Assist Contribution (2017) - [Payroll v4.17.0.00]$15,000.00
Unemployment Insurance (2018) - [Payroll v4.18.0.00]$15,000.00
Unemployment Insurance (2017) - [Payroll v4.17.0.00]$15,000.00
Workforce Training Fund (2017) - [Payroll v4.17.0.00]$15,000.00