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New York Tax, Forms & Payroll Information by Pensoft®

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New York

Address (UI)
NYS Dept of Labor and Workforce Development
Division of Unemployment Insurance
W. Averell Harrison State Office Bldg
Bldg. 12, Suite 2001
Albany, NY 12240
PH: (518) 485-6654

Forms (Combination)
Title (Revision) - [PenSoft Product and version]Notes
NYS-45-MN Employer's Quarterly Tax and Wage Report (02/2013) - [Payroll v3.13.1.17]
  • PenSoft generates this form

Forms (New Hire)
Title (Revision) - [PenSoft Product and version]Notes
New Hire Form not provided by state - Use IT-2104 in place of, and/or W-4 - [Payroll vN/A]
  • Pensoft provides a worksheet

Links (Income Tax)
Department of Taxation and Finance

Links (UI)
NYS Department of Labor

MagMedia (MMREF)
Title [PenSoft Product & version]Emp. Threshold
NY NYS-45 Quarterly Combined Return - [Payroll v3.07.0020]0

MagMedia (State Specific)
Title [PenSoft Product & version]Emp. Threshold
Employees Hired or Rehired Mag Media Reporting0

Rates (Rate)
Title [PenSoft Product & version]Amount
Metropolitan Commuter Tax (2017) - [Payroll v4.17.0.11].34
Reemployment Service Fund (2017) - [Payroll v4.17.0.00].075
SDI Employee (2017) - [Payroll v4.17.0.00].50

Rates (Wagebase)
Title [PenSoft Product & version]Amount
Metropolitan Commuter Tax (2017) - [Payroll v4.17.0.00]None
Reemployment Service Fund (2017) - [Payroll v4.17.0.03]$10,900.00
SDI Employee (2017) - [Payroll v4.17.0.00]None
Unemployment Insurance (2017) - [Payroll v4.17.0.03]$10,900.00