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Puerto Rico Tax, Forms & Payroll Information by Pensoft®

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Puerto Rico

Address (Income Tax)
Departamento de Hacienda
P.O. Box 9024140
San Juan, P.R. 00902-4140

(787) 723-7085
(787) 723-708
(787) 721-2020 ext 3611

Address (UI)
Departamento del Trabajo y Recursos Humanos (Department of Labor and HR)
Edificio Prudencio Rivera Martínez
Ave. Muñoz Rivera 505
Hato Rey, PR 00918

Tels. 787-754-5353


Forms (Contribution)
Title (Revision) - [PenSoft Product and version]Notes
PR-UI-10 Unemployment and Disability Insurance Contributions Report/Quarterly Report of Wages Paid (1)
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Links (Income Tax)
Income Tax

Links (UI)
Unemployment Insurance

Rates (Wagebase)
Title [PenSoft Product & version]Amount
Disability Insurance-Company (2017) - [Payroll v4.17.0.00]$9,000.00
Disability Insurance-Employee (2017) - [Payroll v4.17.0.00]$9,000.00
Special Assessment (2017) - [Payroll v4.17.0.00]$7,000.00
Unemployment Insurance (2017) - [Payroll v4.17.0.00]$7,000.00